The State of the IT Workforce Post-COVID-19 – A Candid Conversation with CIOs & IT Staffing Leaders (Jointly presented by SIM and TechServe Alliance)

Before the coronavirus pandemic engulfed the nation, unemployment in IT was at historic lows. IT professionals in high demand skill sets typically had multiple job offers with many positions going unfilled. Has the crisis altered long-term trends? In this straight-talk conversation, the CEOs of the Society of Information Management (SIM) and TechServe Alliance co-facilitate a discussion between senior technology and IT staffing firm executives on the state of the IT workforce. Questions to be addressed include:

  • Is the IT talent crisis over?
  • Long-term, will demand for IT professionals again exceed supply? Will the skill set mix change as the economy improves?
  • Will remote work continue to be embraced once health concerns subside?
  • Given the disruption of international supply chains and the lack of reliability in ‘working from home’ in many countries, will some companies bring IT work back onshore?

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