Supplier Benefits

Reach Your Target Audience

How businesses in the IT staffing industry communicate to their customers and prospects is becoming more complex (and more important) every day. To grow, build awareness, trust, preference — and a solid pipeline — is critical.

TechServe Alliance provides senior-level buyers and sellers opportunities to connect, advance their businesses and compete in a changing marketplace.

Sponsors who work with TechServe get the benefit of: 

  • Influencing decision-makers. We only serve IT & engineering staffing owners, executives, directors and managers — professionals with real buying power who rely on the TechServe community for advice in making critical business decisions.
  • Expertise and attention. Our passionate team extends our market expertise to your company and brand, making recommendations for the highest return on your investment.
  • New ways to connect. This year, our team has launched a series of new products designed to bring buyers and sellers closer together in ways that benefit each of them.
2024 Opportunities

TechServe has created a calendar of opportunities to help facilitate business in 2023 and beyond (availability is limited):

  • Build your brand through our new executive interview series
  • Show your subject matter expertise through our expanded webcast calendar
  • Align with the industry’s best outcomes through our best practice case studies
  • Attract prospects with new custom research opportunities
  • Educate your staff through our market intelligence briefings 
  • Get executive feedback on your product and company with new focus groups 
  • And More…

Start the Conversation

Our team is standing by to help you design a plan to reach your target buyers. To discuss details, availability and pricing, reach out to Marie Fredlake at


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