Technical Interviews: Stop the Awkward, Start the Conversation

One of the biggest challenges we face as recruiters is engaging meaningfully with technical candidates. Not only does it feel like we are speaking a different language than these candidates, the standard recruiting tools don’t support us with these conversations. To deliver true value to our clients, we need to be able to assess and speak to a candidate’s technical experience and match with an open role, not just keyword match from the resume.

In order to get different, and better, results we need to have a new approach to our technical interviews.

Join Alison Daley of Recruiting Innovation as she shares with you a new structure for your technical interviews. By applying tools directly from the software development process, Daley will show you how you can systematically learn about a candidate’s technical experience through leveraging Contextual Interviews and Journey Maps. Once you understand the methodology, you will be able to confidently engage with any type of technical person. Say goodbye to awkward conversations and hello to meaningful relationships with technical professionals.

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