Expert Network

The TechServe Alliance Expert Network provides members with answers and consulting services from trusted experts in the TechServe community. Our experts have years of experience working with members and staffing firms throughout the industry and are presenters at our annual conferences and monthly webinar series.

Each member firm can receive consultations from any or all of the experts in the network. Consultations with each expert is limited to 30 minutes per year.

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Our Expert Network provides advice and guidance on numerous topics, including:

Organizational Management

  • Best Practices of Healthy Companies
  • Compensation Planning
  • Hiring Best Practices
  • Accountability Systems
  • Vision, Strategy and Goals
  • Leadership Training and Executive Coaching
  • Staffing Company Financial Best Practices

Marketing and Public Relations

  • Brand Development
  • Content Marketing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Marketing Automation
  • Sales & Recruiting Enablement
  • Public Relations

Sales Operations

  • Interviewing & Hiring for Sales Success
  • Developing a Consistent Sales Process/Methodology
  • Metrics & Expectations for Sales Executives
  • Compensation & Commission Planning
  • CRM Evaluations
  • Sales/Recruiter Workflow Implementation
  • Fill Ratio Evaluation

Recruiting Operations

  • Back Office Services
  • Search & Contracting Boot Camps
  • Recruiting Firm Transformation System
  • Business Consulting
  • Training & Development
  • IT Recruiting Tips


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