Understanding the Cloud for IT & Engineering Staffing

Recruiters and AEs are not IT talent, but they are challenged every day to connect with those that are and they must stay current in the skills needed by their clients. Cloud computing is one of the hottest skills being sought today. Understanding the Cloud for Staffing webinar will provide a deeper contextual understanding of the various ‘pieces’ of the Cloud and allow your team to feel more comfortable and educated on the nuances of Cloud skills so that they can provide the right talent with the right skills for their clients. This session will help elevate both AEs and recruiters engagement with their candidates and hiring managers. In this session, you will learn:

  • What the Cloud is and how it works
  • What Software-As-A-Service is and how it differs from Platform-As-A-Service or Infrastructure-As-A-Service
  • Advantages and disadvantages of the Cloud
  • What Cloud investment is doing to IT budgets
  • What adoption trends look like
  • Public, Private and Hybrid Clouds
  • Computing and Availability Zones
  • Differences between the big players

Join TechScreen CEO and Founder Mark Knowlton in a session meant to help lift the fog that shrouds IT topics. Attendees will walk away with real strategies to get deeper engagement with candidates and hiring managers.

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