Leading an IT Staffing Firm in a Post-Pandemic World

First it was elbow bumps. Then it was social distancing. Now we’re wondering how we’ll all navigate a post-pandemic world. Will handshakes become obsolete? Will meetings require bigger rooms? Will remote work become the norm? Questions like these will all eventually be answered as life evolves into our new normal. There are, however, deeper issues facing business leaders and a rare opportunity to look beyond the obvious impacts of this crisis. This is a chance to gain valuable insights that can make the difference between a return to business as usual and a leap forward to business reimagined. For instance:

  • On talent management: How can we re-engage the workforce and restore a sense of trust and stability?
  • On financial stewardship: What changes are needed to ensure a healthy balance between cash flow and profitability as dual stars of financial performance?
  • On leadership: What lessons can we borrow from our most effective leaders during the crisis to inspire and energize our teams every day?

With a dynamic panel of staffing industry executives weighing in, join Leslie Vickrey, Founder and CEO of ClearEdge Marketing, to explore some of the most important lessons we can all take away from our shared experience with the current crisis. The answers we identify can help us all define the post-pandemic workplace and succeed in a new business environment.

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