TechServe Alliance Announces Launch of the IT & Engineering Staffing Dashboard™ in Collaboration with New Diamond Sponsor CEIPAL

CEIPAL is TechServe Alliance’s Latest “Diamond Sponsor”;
Collaborative Effort Will Result in New Industry Tools and
Resources for IT & Engineering Staffing Firms

TechServe Alliance, the national trade association of IT & Engineering Staffing Firms, today announced that CEIPAL, a SaaS platform for the front and back-office business operations of staffing companies, will become its latest Diamond Sponsor. The collaborative effort will result in the development of new tools, including a monthly benchmark, that will deliver data-driven insights, actionable metrics, and track emerging trends for IT & engineering staffing firms that are critical to thriving in today’s ever-changing marketplace.

The Diamond Sponsorship includes a number of components: including collaboration on the development of the IT & Engineering Staffing Dashboard™, direct participation in TechServe Alliance’s annual conference and tradeshow, partnered webcasts, and more – all with the ultimate goal of providing additional resources to support the IT & engineering staffing

The first initiative TechServe Alliance and CEIPAL will undertake is the IT & Engineering Staffing Dashboard™– benchmarking IT & Engineering Staffing Performance. Reported on a monthly basis, the “Dashboard” will allow participating organizations to benchmark their performance against industry peers as well as gauge progress over time. On a quarterly basis, the survey will also measure staffing firm adoption of innovative technology that enhances efficiency and operational effectiveness.

“The new IT & Engineering Staffing Dashboard™ will provide timely insights on firm performance which has never been more critical given these uncertain times,” stated Mark Roberts, CEO of TechServe Alliance. “For more than three decades, TechServe Alliance has been a leader in providing objective data-driven insights through a range of resources. Given the growing importance for real-time market intelligence, this new monthly ‘Dashboard’ will provide insights to help guide firm strategy. Further, with technology playing an ever increasing role in an IT & Engineering staffing firm’s ability to stay competitive, a newly created technology KPI will measure adoption of emerging technologies and serve as the basis for the new Tech Stack Competitiveness Index™ for the IT & Engineering Staffing Industry. We couldn’t be more excited about collaborating on this project with CEIPAL, who has fully embraced the latest technology trends in the development of its product,” added Roberts.



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