Sellers: How it Works

We have developed a simplified four step process empowering sellers to make an informed decision along with identifying those actions necessary to prepare for a sale and optimize the sale price and deal terms.  While the process is designed to take a firm “to market,” owners are under no obligation to proceed with subsequent steps and may pause the process at any time. Both members and non-members are eligible for the program.
Step 1: Initial Assessment: No Cost

During this initial phase of the process, using a brief questionnaire and during the course of one to two telephone calls, a TechServe advisor will assess an owner’s readiness to sell, motivations and expectations—often neglected considerations. There will also be a general discussion of the marketplace and an informal discussion of valuations. All communications will be kept strictly confidential.

Step 2: Valuation Analysis: Cost $5,000

In the second phase of the process and upon entering into a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), a TechServe advisor will perform an in-depth analysis of all attributes of the business including, but not limited to financials, client profiles, geographic footprint, internal team composition, and service offerings among other factors that impact valuation.  A summary report will be prepared which includes an estimated valuation range and supporting analysis.

Step 3: Preparing for Sale & Maximizing Enterprise Value: Cost $2,500

Depending upon a Seller’s time horizon, Step Three will proceed along one of two different paths. If a Seller is interested in bringing his or her firm to market in the near term, TechServe will create the documents necessary to market the firm to prospective buyers. These documents include a Teaser—a one-to-two-page overview of the firm without identifying information and a Confidential Information Memorandum (CIM)—a more in-depth overview of the business and its financial position made available to prospective buyers after they have entered into an NDA. If a Seller is not ready to ‘go to market’, TechServe can undertake a ‘readiness to sell’ assessment of the firm. Using industry-specific due diligence items as a guide, a TechServe advisor with deep IT & engineering staffing experience will identify any deficiencies as well as opportunities to enhance enterprise value. The analysis will also include consideration of potential deal structures.

Step 4: Selling Your Firm — The TechServe Alliance M&A Marketplace: Cost $0

While preserving confidentiality, the TechServe team will reach out to its vast network to market your firm to potential buyers.  In addition to expanding the number of potential acquirers who would compete for the opportunity to buy your firm, the TechServe program also shifts most fees to the buyer—a major innovation in the way IT & Engineering Staffing firms are bought and sold. Sellers will not pay any advisory fees beyond the $7,500 for the services in Steps 2 & 3.


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