M&A Marketplace FAQs

As a Seller, if I begin the process am I obligated to go forward and sell my company?

Not at all. At any point in the process, you can decide whether you want to proceed with a subsequent step.

As a Seller, can I participate in Marketplace without going through the four step process?

No. We believe all steps in the process are critical to a successful transaction and achieving the highest possible valuation. Every firm is different. The process is designed to assess how the market is likely to view your firm, identify any impediments to selling, as well as make recommendations on actions that could enhance enterprise value prior to sale.  Fully informed owners who have taken the steps necessary to prepare their firm for sale also demonstrate a seriousness of intent enabling us to attract a broad pool of serious buyers-–critical to commanding the highest possible price. To make the process accessible to all, we have designed the program so the cost to sellers is extremely modest — a fraction of the fees charged by traditional investment bankers and M&A brokers.

Will TechServe assist and provide guidance if I have already identified a buyer for my company?

Yes. We offer Sell-Side Advisory Services. Please contact us to discuss how this works and the applicable fee structure.

Who does TechServe represent in the transaction?

While TechServe will perform a role in creating a market by bringing together buyers and sellers, TechServe will exclusively represent the seller in providing advice during the transaction to avoid any conflict of interest.

Do I have to be a Techserve Alliance member to participate in the Program?

Both members and non-member who are considering the sale of their company are eligible to participate in the ‘Marketplace’.  For buyers, while both members and non-members may participate, companies that are not TechServe members paying dues on an annual or quarterly basis will only have access to seller information after members have reviewed and considered the opportunity. Non-members will also pay higher fees as a buyer.

Will TechServe assist in valuation and guidance if I don’t want to “go to market”?

In some cases.  Call us to discuss your particular situation and the applicable fees.

What other professionals should be involved in the transaction?

Parties are also encouraged to retain trusted advisors including attorneys and accountants. TechServe has arranged for discounted rates for legal services with Becker LLC, a law firm with deep M&A experience in the staffing industry.  For sellers, Becker has agreed to provide a bundle of services on a fixed fee basis reducing the seller’s transaction costs.


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