M&A Marketplace: What it Costs?

With complete upfront transparency, TechServe has significantly reduced both transaction costs and risk.

For Sellers:

Step 1: Initial Assessment:   $0

Step 2: Valuation Analysis: $5,000

Step 3: Preparing for Sale & Maximizing Enterprise Value: $2,500

Step 4: Selling Your Firm — The TechServe Alliance M&A Marketplace: $0

Total Cost Through Sale: $7,500

For Buyers:

  • No upfront cost to participate until a buyer identifies a potential acquisition target
  • Upon Submitting a Letter of Intent (LOI) to a prospective seller, a buyer pays $1,000 ($4,000*)
  • If a buyer obtains a fully signed LOI, a buyer will pay an additional $4,000 ($6,000*)
  • Upon a deal closing, the buyer pays a success fee based on the transaction value.

*Buyers that are not TechServe members, paying dues on an annual or quarterly basis, pay higher fees and will only have access to seller information after members have reviewed and considered the opportunity.


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