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Introduction to the TechServe Deal Center Powered by Gustav

TechServe recently launched the Deal Center, a member-to-member online partnering platform powered by Gustav. Join Gustav’s co-founder Jan Jedlinski and TechServe CEO Mark Roberts for a live demo of the Deal Center and learn how you can share your open opportunities and place your available candidates through a trusted community of partners.

In this webinar, you will learn:

Deal Center Functions:

  1. Enable each TechServe Alliance member to share job opportunities exclusively with other TechServe members in a trusted and closed community.
  2. Submit candidates for job opportunities from other TechServe members.
  3. Allow you to market your available candidates to make more placements.

Deal Center Benefits:

  1. Expand your ability to support customers through access to a trusted community within which to share opportunities and candidates.
  2. Build relationships with other TechServe Alliance members. Through a platform that enables you to work collaboratively with other TechServe members, develop relationships with companies that possess different competencies or are located in different geographic regions.
  3. Strengthen responses to RFPs through access to a trusted network of potential partners.
  4. Respond more quickly to reqs. With the need to quickly submit candidates, the Deal Center will expand the ready pool of available talent.

Following the prepared presentations, there is an opportunity for Q&A. TechServe member firms have free access to all webinars.

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