Deal Center Hotlist … Newly Released Feature in Response to the Crisis

Last November, we launched the Techserve Alliance Deal Center opportunity sharing platform. In response to the Coronavirus crisis, we worked with Gustav to accelerate the development of a basic Hotlist feature allowing member companies to partner with other TechServe member firms in redeploying consultants who may have suddenly come off of billing, become available because clients have delayed starts or even terminated all consultants.

To hear more about this new Hotlist feature, join Mark Roberts, CEO, TechServe Alliance and Jan Jedlinski, Founder of Gustav to discuss the new Hotlist Feature. In this webinar, you will learn: Candidate Hotlist Features:

  • How to find available candidates from trusted TechServe members as well as tap a broader talent pool of non-members.
  • How to share your available vetted candidates with TechServe members and the broader Gustav community.

How you can use the Hotlist:

  • Search for skill sets and find available candidates for your open requirements.
  • Market your available bench candidates to TechServe members.
  • Market available candidates that you have interviewed and vetted but not placed.
  • Market candidates coming off of assignments soon.

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