Driving Diversity in Tech Through Recruiting

We as a society and as organizations are at a crossroads in our history. We all must ask ourselves: How will I leverage my talent and resources in this moment? Will I do nothing and maintain the status quo or am I willing to drive change through meaningful action and allocation of my resources?

As it relates to technical recruiting, the tech industry is quite a homogeneous place. Of the professionals who work in tech, 72% are white, 83% are male and the average age is 29.

As recruiters and talent professionals we are professional builders of teams. If we don’t first recognize the impact of bias (conscious or otherwise) in our recruiting process we will inadvertently perpetuate hiring bias at scale. It is our responsibility to be the drivers of change in this industry through focused strategies to attract, source, interview and place diverse technical talent.

The organizations that do the work to integrate a few key initiatives to the way they recruit and place diverse talent are delivering additional value to their clients, and differentiating their firms in the process.

In this session, learn how bias shows up in our work. Then learn what you can immediately implement to improve where and how you source a broad swath of technical candidates. We’ll cover:

  • Unconscious bias, how it impacts every aspect of the recruiting process, and how to combat it
  • Untapped candidate pools to source from – what is your diversity sourcing strategy
  • How to optimize job postings and outreach messages to improve your engagement rates
  • Interview processes that support diverse types of candidates – ensure your evaluation process isn’t creating false negatives that turn away solid candidates

Join talent strategist Alison Daley, CEO of Recruiting Innovation, as she shows you how to improve your diversity recruiting rates across the sourcing, recruiting and placement process.

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