Artificial Intelligence in Recruiting – An Industry Report

Over the past several years, artificial intelligence has transformed multiple industries by providing the ability to gain previously unreachable insights through near instant analysis of massive amounts of data. Structurally, the staffing industry is a great fit for many of the modern AI technologies—searching from millions of résumés and large volumes of unstructured data, matching to vital but imperfectly written job descriptions, and meeting continuously changing requirements. The ability to run millions of correlations and analyses, and then make data-driven decisions, can surely transform the industry for the better.

This webinar will share the results of a cross-continent industry study commissioned by CEIPAL which answer the following important questions about AI and the Staffing Industry:

  1. What are the drivers for adopting AI in the staffing industry?
  2. How does adoption vary by company size and geographic location?
  3. What are the first practical applications of AI for recruiting?
  4. What are the quantifiable benefits these early adopters are reaping?

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