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Win the Relationship, Not the Deal – A Motivational Talk for Account Executives During Tough Times

Learn from Casey Jacox, a 20 year staffing and services veteran from Kforce. During his time at Kforce, Casey grew and developed local and national accounts through different business cycles and industry downturns. Casey will share the top 5 areas to focus on right now. These are core fundamentals that don’t provide a quick-hitting magic potion; however, they will be a key reminder of what is required for long-term success. Join Casey Jacox, Founder of Winning the Relationship LLC, as he addresses how to achieve true Value (Vulnerability, Authenticity, Level Headed, Understanding, Empathy) with your team and your clients. Participants will leave with healthy reminders of key fundamentals on how to keep selling during this unique time.

Casey is now a sales coach and speaker. He also published the book, “WIN the RELATIONSHIP, not the DEAL” where he shares his core strategies salespeople should focus on to win relationships for the long term versus focusing on winning sales transactions. This will be an interactive session.

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