State of the Industry: A Quarterly Executive Webinar Series with 2019 OPR Insights

The State of the Industry quarterly webinar series provides an overview of the latest developments in the IT & Engineering Staffing and Solutions Industry. Hosted by TechServe CEO Mark Roberts with industry veteran Jim Janesky, these quarterly presentations will cover key industry trends, metrics and drivers.

The June 20th State of the Industry webinar will include the latest public company performances, provide an update on important developments in government affairs, feature highlights of the ever-expanding portfolio of TechServe research, and offer current industry growth projections.

The webinar will also include insights from TechServe’s just-released 2019 Operating Practices Report (OPR), the only benchmarking analysis exclusively focused on the IT & engineering staffing industry. In addition to highlighting what the most successful industry firms do differently, the OPR provides the essential data to measure, analyze, and drive your firm toward greater growth and profitability.

View the PDF here.

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