Lowering Costs and Maximizing Value From Your Employee Benefits Spend

After wages, employee benefits are one of the most significant expense categories for IT & Engineering Staffing firms. Despite its significance and impact on profitability, few firms approach their benefits strategically – merely defaulting to what they did the prior year. Given the enormous pressure to reduce costs amidst the precipitous decline in sales activity triggered by the pandemic, we will explore a range of strategies to reduce costs while maximizing the ROI on your benefit spend. Asking such questions as:

  • Is you current benefit portfolio and contribution approach best aligned with your business goals?
  • Do your benefits effectively meet the needs of both your internal team and consultants?
  • Are there ways to improve your benefits ROI?

We will also provide an overview of a range of benefit solutions being developed by TechServe Alliance and its partner Pendella to specifically meet the needs of IT & Engineering staffing firms.

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