TechServe Alliance Certification Preparation

TechServe Alliance certified professionals demonstrate knowledge of industry best practices, legal requirements and the professional disciplines of their chosen track – sales or recruiting. Mastery is tested via a 100-question exam. It is recommended that you allot 30 to 60 days to fully prepare for the exam. Once you register1 for the certification program, TechServe Alliance provides two resources to help you prepare.

Certification Study Materials

Compiled by industry experts, the certification study materials contain everything you need to know to successfully pass the certification exam. The certification program syllabus provides an overview of the topics covered by the study materials and exam.

Once you register for the certification program, you will gain access to the TechServe Alliance Certification Testing Platform. After selecting your certification – either CPSAE for account executives or CPSR for recruiters – you will have access to the study materials.

Training Webinars

Led by industry experts, the exam training webinar series covers some of the most critical areas of knowledge required for certification. The series leads off with a program overview and concludes with two separate sessions that focus on legal issues pertinent to all certification candidates. Additionally, there are specific sessions targeted to recruiters and account executives.

The Certification Exam

The certification exam for Level I, which is administered online, consists of 100 multiple choice and true/false questions, all based on the content of the study materials. You will have six months to take the exam from date of registration. However, once you access the link to start the exam, you will have two hours to complete it. Certification requires that you answer 80 percent or more of the questions correctly.

Certification Continuing Education Credits

You will be required to participate in 24 hours of continuing education over each three year period beginning on the date you are first awarded your certification. We recommend that you earn 8 hours each year and not wait until your certification is about to expire to complete the requirement. You will be required to track the continuing education hours you have earned and you may be required to submit proof of attendance or participation.


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