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Health & Benefits Program

First things first…

If you don’t know where to start when it comes to your company benefits, I recommend you consider these five “first-things-first” questions:


  1. What? What were the reasons for deciding upon your current benefits plan? Was it for the carrier? Deductible? Out of pocket maximum?
  2. Why? Why did you make those decisions?
  3. When? When did you make those decisions?
  4. How? How did you make those decisions?
  5. Who? Who made those decisions?

The landscape is changing and time has passed. If you can’t confidently answer those five questions, this is the best place to start.

I work closely with groups of all sizes to build unique strategies for their employee benefits portfolio, as well as income protection for business owners and managers.

I am committed to impacting your business and employees in an immediate, meaningful way. For the business owner, that might mean the ability to scale and grow your business, which can now serve many more clients/customers. For the employees, that can mean providing more healthcare coverage at a lower cost. Win/Win.

Tommy Poulin, REBC®, Benefits Advisor



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