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Health & Benefits Program

Your employee benefit plan renews annually. However, there are cost-effective changes that can be implemented at any time:
  • Contribution Strategies
  • Individual Coverage HRA
  • Class Structure
  • Plan Design or Carrier Changes
  • Provider Network and Payment Options
  • Funding Options
If you offer a fully insured group health insurance plan, these are cost savings you can consider immediately:
  • Carriers: You can change a fully insured carrier at any time
  • Plan designs: Most carriers will let you increase out-of-pockets mid year
  • Payroll deductions: You can increase employee deductions at any time (with 30 days notice)
  • Class structure: You can change the class structure at any time (with 30 days notice)
  • MEC Plan: You can add a minimum essential coverage plan at any time
  • Funding: You can move to a level funded health plan at any time
If you provide a HSA or HRA:
  • You can add or change HRA or HSA amounts at any time (with 30 days notice)
  • You can implement an Individual Coverage HRA (IC-HRA) at any time
  • If you offer a level funded or self-funded health plan, these are annual contracts.


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