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TechServe Alliance Webinars

To help you prepare for a successful start to 2023, here are some of TechServe’s most-attended webinars in 2022 and related blogs

State of the Industry: An Executive Webinar Series

In this webinar, TechServe CEO Mark Roberts and Jim Janesky, Senior Advisor, PeaPack Private Investment Banking, share the current industry growth projections, insight into the latest public company performance, and feature highlights of the ever-expanding portfolio of TechServe research.

How Do High-Profit IT & Engineering Staffing Firms Manage Their P&L?

This webinar delves into the lessons learned from the TechServe Alliance  Operating Practices Report. You will learn about the important measurements that drive the most profitability in staffing, specifically, how the key performance indicators differ for “High-Profit Firms” and “Typical Firms.”

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Current Industry Compensation Trends

Hear from industry expert Tom Nunn about the do’s and don’ts to consider and other thoughts & ideas on how to approach effective plans. (This webinar is for members only.)

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Finding and Closing Candidates Like a Champ

Learn how to set yourself up for success to close every candidate you interview and overcome the hurdles that prevent recruiters from closing.
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Hiring Top Tech Talent Requires Modern Hiring Practices

This webinar talks about how to engage clients in difficult conversations about outdated hiring practices by showing them that fixing this issue will help secure the best talent and save boost their bottom line.

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How to Identify, Hire, Train and Retain High Achievers

Watch this webinar to hear tips from Barb Bruno of Good as Gold Training on how to attract and retain Recruiters and Account Executives who will enhance your bottom line.

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Mergers and acquisitions are the natural next steps to continue the growth cycle of a staffing firm. Watch this webinar to understand how to get started and what to look for when jumping into the market as a buyer.

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