Lance Cooper

Lance Cooper


IT and Engineering Staffing CEOs love the people business they begin. They want to serve companies, be profitable and grow a great culture. To do that they must hire people who can sell.

But they face these hindrances: Their own pressures and tendencies to hire people they like, a candidate’s impression management, and the difficulty of finding good salespeople in a full employment economy and changing social conditions. Coaching people who have poor character and are unmotivated.

They experience the frustrations of hiring people who can’t sell and will not work hard, the tensions of inconsistent cash flow from too few placements and too few placement orders, and the loss of opportunities and profits when people quit and have to be replaced.

Lance and his team at SalesManage Solutions will help you change this. For the last thirty years, as President of SalesManage Solutions (SMS), and author of Selling Beyond Survival and co-author of Can They Sell, Lance has helped thousands of sales leaders develop great sales cultures. Certified experts for the SMS Recruit the Best!™ and Coach the Best!™ Systems have learned step-by-step proven researched and scientific methods that teach them how to: hire character first and know and select who can sell.

And then make use of the best way to coach the new salesperson while building an organization of high character individuals: honest, hard-working, responsible and concerned about others – one that attracts additional motivated people and continues consistent revenue growth into the future.



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