WEBINAR: Ignite Your Sales Team

Date: Thursday, July 20, 2023

Time: 12:30 PM – 1:30 PM ET

Moderator: Brian Jameson, Partner & Co-Founder at Echogravity

Panelists: Tim Glennie, Co-Founder & Managing Partner at BridgeView IT
Pete Newsome, Founder at 4 Corner Resources

In this webinar we will delve into how thought leadership content can boost sales and brand awareness. We will define what thought leadership means, as well as share real-world examples of organizations that have successfully leveraged such content. By aligning  this content with sales goals and strategies/processes, you will build credibility and trust with prospects and clients. 

  • Gain a deep understanding of thought leadership and its benefits,
  • Learn from other TechServe Members’ experiences embarking on a thought leadership program.
  • Learn how to develop thought leaders within your team and create captivating content in various formats.
  • Discover strategies to align thought leadership with sales goals, build credibility, and empower your sales team through training and collaboration.
  • Actionable steps you can take right now.

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