Webinar – Finding and Closing Candidates Like a Champ

We all know the difficulties in finding the perfect candidate but what happens when you’ve finally vetted and interviewed the best possible tech candidate and it’s time to close? Do you raise the base salary to sweeten the deal? How do you let them know that this position will meet all of their needs and challenge them to be the best version of themselves? In short, how do you set yourself up for success to close every candidate you work with?

Join a panel of tech recruiting closers as they discuss the best ways to close and the obstacles that prevent recruiters from closing.

  • Lack of understanding when qualifying candidates
  • Inability to engage effectively with technical talent
  • Uncertainty when positioning new roles

Watch this webinar to learn some of the best ways to improve candidate close rates by breaking down the hiring process.


  • Alison Daley, Founder & CEO, Recruiting Innovation
  • Megan Jo, Senior Recruiter, Samsara
  • Brian Carraher, Senior Recruiter, Data Dog

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