Profile Series: Women Leading in Tech Staffing

Spotlight on Crystal Peterson

CEO/President, STG Consulting 

  • TechServe Member Since 2011
  • Therapist, Agile leader
  • Women-owned tech staffing firm (Trustee Camille Cornaby)

Crystal Peterson has worn many hats in the IT consulting industry since 1996.  With roles in Finance, Human Resources, Training, Development, IT, Project Management, Business Analysis, Operations, Sales, she now leads STG Consulting, helping to grow the organization from a small company with $1M in annual revenue to a company of over 200 employees and $33M in annual revenue. Crystal’s journey saw her rise through the ranks at STG Consulting from when she began as the Office Manager nearly 25 years ago to the current CEO and President of the organization.

“I started in the IT staffing industry as a receptionist, and it was my way of paying myself through college. The branch president of that company was female, and she just took me under her wing. She convinced me that IT was a better route for me with more opportunity and more security. So, I changed my degree and continued working with her. That same leader then brought me with her to the company that I am at now, STG. I’ve now been here for 24 years. When I came here, the owners also took me under their wings and provided a lot of mentoring and opportunities, and empowered me in many ways. I’ve been very lucky to have people who invested in me and cared enough about me to show me the way. They’re good people who look for potential and invest in it.”

Headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah, which has been rising consistently in tech-hub status, STG Consulting has been employing top technology professionals for 28 years, specializing in sourcing top-tier talent from diverse locations. In addition to the United States, their reach spans the globe to Nearshore regions (Latin America/Canada), and Offshore destinations (virtually anywhere else in the world).

We had the pleasure to learn more about Crystal as an influential female leader in the tech staffing industry, a long-standing member of TechServe Alliance since 2011 and a feature spotlight as we celebrate Women’s History Month.

Do you have a mantra that you live by or an inspirational quote that reflects your leadership style?

“Know the way, go the way, and show the way,” by John Maxwell.

Please share one of the most memorable moments that helped define your career as a staffing leader.

One of the most memorable moments was navigating the company through the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite the uncertainties and disruption it brought, our proactive approach allowed us to not only weather the storm but also emerge stronger. This period highlighted our resilience, adaptability, and commitment to our clients and employees.

Is there an influential woman who has served as an inspiration to you? This could be a former colleague, family member, mentor, historical figure, etc.

I’ve had the privilege of being mentored by numerous individuals throughout my career, both women and men. While having female mentors has been invaluable in navigating challenges within a male-dominated industry, I’ve also found tremendous support, sponsorship, and mentorship from male colleagues and leaders. Their guidance and advocacy have been instrumental in my professional growth and success.

In years past, many women-led organizations have worked together to announce pledges for continuing the mission to elevate women in the workplace. How will you be paving it forward to help advance women in their careers?

A testament to our dedication to fostering female leadership, five out of nine members of our Leadership Team are women. Each of them began their journey at STG in non-leadership roles and has since been mentored and promoted within the company. We also offer leadership development programs designed to cultivate talent and promote diversity in leadership roles.

Furthermore, we actively sponsor events such as Women in Tech gatherings, providing platforms for networking, collaboration, and skill-building.

Personally, I have engaged with numerous women’s groups, often being a guest speaker on leadership and mindset.


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