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President Biden Urges Employees to Return to the Office

Recently, President Joe Biden urged employers to bring back workers into the office. During his remarks, Biden noted that with COVID-19 vaccination rates up and hospitalizations down, most Americans can remove their masks, return to work and move forward safely. President Biden also made similar comments days earlier during the 2022 State of the Union address, where he encouraged in-person activities, including working and learning, which could enable more working parents to return to the physical workplace.

“Because of the progress we’ve made in fighting COVID[-19], Americans can not only get back to work but they can [get] going to the office and safely fill our great downtown cities again.” —President Joe Biden

These remarks coincide with federal government agencies bringing back more employees as guidance for COVID-19–related safety protocols continue to be loosened at federal, state and local levels. Of note, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently scaled back on its mask-wearing guidance, eliminating its recommendation to wear a mask in indoor settings for a majority of the U.S. population.

Employer Takeaway

It remains to be seen how organizations will respond and to what extent employers will urge workers to return to the office. While some organizations are already in the later stages of their return-to-work plans, others continue to have high numbers of employees working from home. For many workers, the flexibility to work remotely remains a top desire.

In light of President Biden urging a return to workplaces, employers remain tasked with making the right decisions for their workforces based on their unique circumstances. Employers should also be sure to monitor guidance from local and state officials. For return-to-work resources, reach out to TechServe Alliance today.

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