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Business Expansion Propelled by TechServe Alliance Member Network

Becoming a member of TechServe Alliance, the national trade association of the IT & Engineering Staffing industry, proved to be a positive business decision for Paradigm Group as networking connections opened the door to an expanded business model for the staffing firm.

  • A technical recruiting firm based in the Greater Houston Metro market, has been providing IT staffing solutions for over 20 years, with a focus on supporting their client’s core values, and effectively serving as an extension to their in-house teams, for all technical recruiting and retention needs.
  • Led by a former CIO (Chief Information Officer), the company is well-versed in understanding the skill sets and solutions their clients require, to achieve its desired digital transformations.
  • A member of TechServe Alliance for almost 5 years, Paradigm is a strong proponent of the services and tools available to the company through its TechServe membership.

Paradigm initially became a member of TechServe Alliance nearly 5 years ago at the suggestion of a reputable leader in the IT staffing and solutions industry.

Initially, when participating in TechServe’s well-known virtual Roundtable discussions, the idea of sharing proprietary business data and strategies with potential competitors was daunting. However, allure of TechServe’s wealth of resources, data, programs and services, tailored specifically to the needs of tech staffing firms, proved to be a great attraction.

Incidentally, the new-found connections with other IT staffing firm leaders quickly became a reliable source of sound business ideas, as well as deep insight into industry trends and emerging business opportunities.

KEY MEMBERSHIP BENEFIT: Business Growth Attributed to TechServe’s Premier Network of IT Staffing Leaders

Paradigm had traditionally serviced its clients primarily with direct hire placements in the IT sector. While direct hire is still core to their business model, due to partnerships with fellow TechServe Alliance member firms, the company has since expanded into offering contingent IT staffing as a service as well. This is particularly beneficial when the economy undergoes changes – faced with potential downturns, hiring organizations tend to lean toward a flexible staffing solution that avoids increased headcount; Employers opt to realign their permanent workforce and augment with IT consultants to manage short and long-term costs.

By expanding its service portfolio and growing its talent pool to meet new client requirements, Paradigm continues to grow with new revenue sources that increase its bottom line and cement future success.

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