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2022 HR Calendar Monthly Reminders

Between navigating challenges such as the ever-changing coronavirus pandemic, a competitive labor market and day-to-day operations, HR professionals appear to have a lot on their plate in 2022.

As HR teams are often required to prioritize activities such as assisting employees, meeting compliance requirements, and other pressing demands of the organization, it can be daunting to also proactively focus on other workplace initiatives and improvements. However, these activities don’t need to take place all at once, and HR professionals need to be able to take a step back to evaluate this year’s priorities.

This calendar serves as a jumping-off point for HR professionals and provides a topic or activity to consider visiting each month of 2022.

Note: This calendar is not an exhaustive list of HR topics to complete in 2022.

  1. January: Conduct a general HR audit, and map out key initiatives for 2022
  2. February: Review the employee handbook and consider additions or changes
  3. March: Assess performance management practices and plan this year’s cycle
  4. April: Revisit workplace safety practices and policies
  5. May: Benchmark employee retention rates and consider new initiatives
  6. June: Evaluate existing skills gaps, and review learning and development strategies
  7. July: Start planning for this year’s open enrollment
  8. August: Conduct an annual employee engagement survey
  9. September: Consider where HR technology can be leveraged to create efficiencies
  10. October: Develop recruiting strategies for 2023
  11. November: Focus on benefits enrollment, and examine key takeaways from this year
  12. December: Review 2023’s HR budget

Every organization will have different circumstances in 2022, but now is as good a time as ever to start thinking about how to stay one step ahead this year. Throughout 2022, feel free to contact us for resources on any of the topics referred to in this calendar.

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