Get the Right Support for Your Business

At TechServe Alliance, we provide all-inclusive support and guidance for your business. Having our expertise in your corner means your organization can tap into our resources, improve operations and elevate your company’s technology in the process.

Having the proper insurance coverage is key to running a successful business, and protecting you and your employees, should the unexpected happen. But insurance is complicated. There are many different types available, and the requirements vary by state. That’s why you have a partner in your TechServe Alliance business insurance advisor partner who is always ready to help.

Contact Your TechServe Alliance Business Insurance Advisor

Do you have questions about which insurance program is right for you? Interested in learning more about our health and benefits program? Wondering how much insurance coverage and which types you really need to cover your business and your team?

Give your business insurance advisor a call today—we’re always happy to help.

Don Beemer

Managing Director of Insurance Services
1420 King Street, Suite 610
Alexandria, VA 2231
Phone: 703–997–4271
Fax: 703–260–1000

Jill Norton

Operations Manager – Insurance Services
1420 King Street, Suite 610
Alexandria, VA 22314
Phone: 703–997.4266
Fax: 703–260–1000

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