TechServe 360

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An integrated Payroll, HR, and Benefits Management Service with embedded business intelligence specifically tailored to the needs of IT & Engineering Staffing Firms.


  • Are you looking for a solution that enables your internal team to focus on the revenue drivers of selling and recruiting?

With the scores of employment laws and regulations that vary widely from state to state and even between local jurisdictions, are you concerned about being compliant in all the locations where you place consultants?

  • Do you have a small internal team that makes you vulnerable to the disruption of critical back-office functions due to absences and vacancies?

Then TechServe 360 may be the solution for you!


TechServe 360: An Integrated Back Office Solution 



For many staffing firms, payroll, HR, and benefits functions are siloed involving different members of the internal team and multiple outside vendors.

Siloed back office functions managed by internal teams

TechServe 360 brings back-office functions together seamlessly—leveraging technology, our industry expertise, and an experienced service team—empowering staffing firms to reduce expenses, accelerate growth, and increase profitability.

The Advantage of a PEO without the Drawbacks

While offering the advantages of a PEO, our approach allows staffing firms to retain their status as the sole employer as well as offering access to a broader spectrum of benefit options at significantly lower costs.


Business Intelligence & Actionable Insights

By analyzing the data already provided as part of the payroll function and leveraging TechServe Alliance’s unparalleled industry expertise, TechServe 360 provides leadership with business intelligence and actionable insights.


To learn more about how TechServe 360 reduces expenses, accelerates growth, and increases profitability, contact Tommy Poulin

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