BLOG: What a Year for IT & Engineering Staffing!

One year ago we had no idea what was ahead as the world adjusted to life in a pandemic. TechServe members leaned in with us and supported each other as we navigated uncertainty and adapted to a new normal.

How have TechServe members navigated the constant changes in the last year?

  • 98 executives from 84 member companies participated in 80 TechServe small group monthly Executive Roundtable calls to share their challenges and successes and support each other.
  • 246 account executives, recruiters and HR professionals from 86 member companies connected on 22 TechServe monthly roundtable calls to learn from each other, generate ideas and get feedback from others with a similar professional focus.
  • 24 TechServe Covid-related educational webinars were attended by more than 2,100 individuals
  • Members accessed over 100 TechServe Covid-related legal updates and compliance bulletins
  • Members leveraged TechServe’s ComplianceHR SmartScreen tool to safely return employees to the workplace

It’s one year later and we can say that TechServe members have not just survived but most are thriving! And, Members are finding value in their TechServe membership now more than ever, demonstrated by our 90% member retention rate of our annual renewals this year.

There’s more good news:

  • IT employment continues to rebound and as of January 2021 has regained three quarters of the jobs lost since the start of the pandemic.
  • With IT unemployment at 2.9%, demand for IT Talent continues to be strong.
  • TechServe Alliance projects 8% growth for IT Staffing and 4% growth for Engineering Staffing in 2021.

Thank you for weathering the storm with us. Together we are building a stronger association that supports the needs of our members.

Lori Fitzsimon
Director of Membership

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