“I would recommend Don and TechServe Alliance for your business insurance needs. Don has extensive knowledge and expertise in the IT staffing industry, which has helped us secure the appropriate coverage levels for our needs while keeping premiums low. He and his staff are focused on customer service that makes doing business with them easy and enjoyable.”

Darren Winnie

Vice President Solution IT, Inc.
“I am sending this note to thank you and your team at TechServe Alliance for the excellent service that you provide to our firm. We not only saved money by moving to your firm, we get exceptional service. A double bonus! Thank you for everything.”

Anna Kolluri

CEO Resourceys, Inc.
“Every year I dread the annual ritual of renewing our firm’s insurance policies. Dealing with companies that don’t know our business and don’t understand our needs is a time-consuming, frustrating beat-down. This year we made the right decision and moved our coverage over to Don’s team. Don took the pain right out of the process and saved us money to boot! He was highly responsive and provided the exact coverage we needed at a price that made me smile. His knowledge of our business saved me significant time and increased my confidence that we were getting the most for our insurance dollar. I highly recommend Don to anyone that wants to reduce their stress and save some cash!”

J. Jeffrey Hallan

President Thinkfind Corporation
“We switched to the TechServe Business Insurance Program and we’re saving $30, 464 a year!”

Joe Contino

President Contech Systems, Inc.
“We had heard from several other companies that the TechServe Alliance Business Insurance Program could provide a cost savings to our company. Don was very responsive throughout the process, and after we completed a standard application, he found a comparable insurance plan with an excellent provider for a significant cost savings. A very painless process.”

Maggie Fogarty Dundon

Director of Recruiting East End Resources
Recently, I changed my company insurance policies with the help of Don Beemer of Techserve Alliance. I was a bit hesitant to change since so many policies were involved (General Liability, Excess Liability, Workers Comp, Professional Liability, Crime, and Cyber). However, Don made the whole change easy by pro-actively getting most forms completed and by being available to answer my questions quickly. I was amazed at his work ethic of responding to my e-mails at night and on weekends. The complete switch happened without any issues from my clients. In addition, we saved over 20% over what we were paying (not counting renewal increase). I was with my previous agent for over 10+ years and every year I was getting an increase in insurance premiums. I didn't try other agents since there is so much paperwork involved in getting insurance quotes and I didn't have the bandwidth to try others. Don Beemer truly made the whole process easier for me! Thank you Don.

Day Veerlapati

President/CEO S2Tech
I have to second this recommendation. We worked with Don when we were going through another expensive renewal in December. We got a competitive quote from Don to compare. The process with him was great – it was a bit of a scramble because of how late our previous provider was at getting our renewal back to us. Don thoroughly reviewed our renewal paperwork and got us a very competitive quote which saved us thousands. He put in the time over the holidays and even a bit while he was on vacation to make sure we had apples to apples coverage. I've seen a number of recommendations for Don over the years and am glad we took the time to compare. Since the renewal he has been very responsive to other questions that have come up from us.

James Lund

Vice President ProFocus
We read about Don at Techserve Alliance Business Insurance Group on the executive forum and decided this year to get quote from him. He quoted our business insurance (GL, E&O, Crime, W.Comp, etc) to compare with our current provider we have used for years. Don was able to save us over 20% on our premiums. Don and his team have been excellent to work with and very responsive with all requests. I definitely recommend them!

Zoe Robbins

Director of Operations Park Hudson International
I would like to highly encourage all members to consider getting your Liability, WC and Cyber Security Insurance from Tech Serve. Most clients now are adding Cyber Security coverage into their contracts and the company I used for 18+ years could not provide a solution for Cyber Security insurance that satisfied my clients request. Don Beemer with Tech Serve handled my request in a short period and not only provided the coverage my client required but did it quickly, efficiently, and at a cost saving. I now have all my coverage, Liability, WC and Cyber due at the same time. I highly recommend for all recruiting and staffing firms to give them an opportunity the next time your companies insurance comes due.

Gene Janiszewski

CEO Paradigm Group, Inc,
This year we decided to get a quote from Don Beemer at TechServe Alliance Business Insurance Group for our Business Insurance (GL, E&O, Crime, Auto, W.Comp, etc) to compare with the providers we have used for years. I am so glad we did! Don was able to save us over 40% on our premiums with comprehensive coverage. It is also going to be such a help to have Don and his team supporting us as we get new insurance requirements from our customers, as they are experts specifically in staffing. Don and his team have been exceptionally responsive and easy to work with as well. I highly recommend them!

Leslie Braunstein

The Ash Group
I heartily second Leslie's testimonial!!! Don and his team worked feverishly to get us an expedited quote for a higher E&O cap, required by one of our more capricious clients. Our incumbent carriers were a little lackadaisical in responding, and our submission deadline was approaching fast. I requested Don for help. He was not only able to get us a very competitive quote, he and Tricia managed to get us a comprehensive deal across all our policies. I'm very grateful to Don & Tricia, and TSA for having such a responsive and professional team.

Raj Dechen

President Dechen Consulting Group
Last year, when our business insurance policies were coming up for renewal, we looked for other agencies who could help lower our costs. During this process, we spoke to Don Beemer. And I'm glad we did.
Don and team (including Pete Farmer) worked with us to get the quotes we needed, advised us on coverages and providers, and educated us on the best approach to put the insurance coverages our business needed. Not only did Don save us a lot of money on our premiums, but the onboarding process was seamless. The "after-sales" service has been nothing short of amazing. They are always available and responsive.
For anyone visiting their insurance renewals, I'd strongly recommend speaking with Don. And no, Don didn't ask me to post this message! I'm doing this because I've been quite pleased with their service and think others can benefit as well.

Sanjay Kucheria

Trinus Corporation


Please contact Don Beemer, Managing Director of Insurance Services, at (703) 997-4271 or email beemer@techservealliance.org

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