The State of Gender Equity in the Staffing Industry

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion have never been more important than in today’s global society, including gender equity, an often overlooked element of DE&I. The staffing industry employs more than 10 million individuals daily, with a majority of women filling the roles, yet, women’s representation in leadership often lacks the same equity.

Watch this webinar to explore the issue of gender equity in the staffing industry by reviewing some of the key findings from the recent WBC benchmark survey – Gender Equity Progress in the Staffing Industry.  A panel of experts representing global and domestic workforces will discuss some of the key findings from the survey, as well as share their own insights from years of experience in leadership roles in the staffing industry.  The panel will discuss:

  • Insights around the different perspectives a woman CEO brings to their company
  • How women view their path to leadership
  • What challenges women still face as they seek gender equity in an industry that can have such a positive impact on society and our communities as a whole

Moderator: Kip Wright, Chairman & CEO, INSPYR Solutions


  • Sunny Ackerman, President | Americas, SThree
  • Threase Baker, President, ABBTECH Professional Resources, Inc.
  • Denise Dettingmeijer, Chief Financial Officer, Randstad North America

There was much more to the discussion between the panelists and moderators, including a Q&A session at the end. Make sure to check out the full recording here.

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