BLOG: Be Productive, Not Just Busy

How Recruiters Can Avoid These Top Three Time Wasters

We all come from unique backgrounds and have different skill sets but only get 168 hours a week to accomplish our tasks. The most effective recruiters aren’t the ones working the longest hours. To become more productive, we must optimize our day by recognizing time wasters.

Barbara Bruno, CPC, CTS, is a sales and recruiter trainer, keynote speaker, and the author of three books. She shares her 25 years of experience training in person and online to help us get the most out of our time. Barbara breaks down the three categories of time wasters and provides a comprehensive, easy to implement solution for each one:

  • Candidates
  • Clients
  • Recruiter/Account Executive

Time Wasters for Candidates and Solutions

Barbara warns that too much of a recruiter’s day is wasted on candidates they can’t place. They may not have the qualifications necessary or are not serious about changing careers. We become too friendly and don’t give them realistic feedback. Stringing along a candidate you know isn’t qualified doesn’t help you or the job seeker. Being honest and giving applicable advice is the best way to cordially part ways with a candidate and move on.

We also waste time with qualified candidates we can place by not efficiently communicating. Many recruiters talk far too much. Barbara says, “We have one mouth and two ears for a reason. When you listen, your candidate will give you insights into their ideal opportunity.”

Many highly qualified candidates are tired of being sold. When a recruiter starts every interview from scratch and actively listens to their candidate, they feel like you have their best interest in mind and puts you in a position to find an opportunity they will accept.

Client Time Wasters and Solutions

To become a highly productive recruiter, you must fill the gaps between the client and the candidate. Barbara suggests doing so by requesting performance objectives. Ask your client, “how will you evaluate the candidate six months from now?” This will identify areas the client is looking for but has left off the contract. After reviewing their performance objectives, you will be in a much better position to sell the company or determine if it’s worth your time.

We must narrow our focus when dealing with clients. Many recruiters spend too much time on contracts that aren’t ‘hot’ or outside their specialty area.

In the interviewing process, Barbara suggests following the Google rule of four. If you find yourself doing more than four interviews, you are wasting your time.

Recruiter/Account Executive Time Wasters and Solutions

As we shift to remote learning, bringing your work home with you brings on a whole other meaning. The lines of work and home are blurred, but we must find ways to separate them. Remote work is especially difficult for recruiters who are also working as part-time teachers. Separating our home and work life can be difficult but not doing so is the number one source of wasted time.

Arriving to work every day with a plan was Barbara’s most important piece of advice. We must outline what six tasks are closest to the money each night. A focused approach mentally prepares us to get the most important done each day. Barbara aims to accomplish four of her six tasks before noon. If you aren’t writing down the six tasks closest to the money and ten outgoing calls, incoming calls will dominate your day. Take control of your limited time by planning the night before.

Barbara wants us all to work less by optimizing our day. Increasing productivity is only possible if we stop wasting time talking to candidates we can’t place, narrow our focus on ‘hot’ contracts, and effectively prepare for work.

Members can access the Be Productive, Not Just Busy webinar through the TechServe Online Learning Center.

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