Monthly Technology Staffing Dashboard Survey

Getting Your Custom Dashboard Is Easy!

To get your custom dashboard, all you need to do is submit at least the current month’s survey, and we’ll get to work building your dashboard. For a more complete picture of your firm’s performance against industry benchmarks, we recommend new participants submit data for at least the last three to six months. If you plan to submit multiple months at one time, start with the oldest month first and end with the current month’s survey.

Current Monthly Survey

Month Ending May 31, 2024


  • What data do I need to submit?

    Each month you are asked to submit the following data:

    • Consultants on Billing
    • New Job Orders
    • Candidate Submissions to Client
    • Client Candidate Interviews
    • Contract Staffing Placements
    • Starts
    • Stops
    • Direct Hire Placements
    • Non-Billable Internal Employees

    You are also asked, “Do you anticipate your Total Consultants on Billing will be the same, up or down (and by what %) six months from now?”

    Quarterly, you are asked to report on your firm’s Adoption of Emerging Technologies.

  • How do I correct data if I made a mistake during submission?

    Simply resubmit the survey for the month you made a mistake. The system will overwrite your initial submission with your corrected data.

  • What if I miss a month...or two...?

    You can submit data for the past 11 months by simply completing the survey for the month (or months) you missed.

  • If I'm a first-time participant, can I submit more than one month of data?

    Yes…you can submit up to the past 11 months of data to give you a more complete picture of your firm’s performance. It is best to submit the past months in order from past to most recent so the data renders properly; however, our team will clean up any inconsistencies while we create your dashboard.

  • How long will it take for my data to be updated on my dashboard after I submit?

    It usually takes less than 10 minutes for your data to show up on your dashboard if you are a returning participant. If your dashboard isn’t updated during that time, there may have been inconsistencies in your data. The most common error participants make is using a different domain name than the domain you used when you first submitted that we used to build your dashboard. We use the domain name as the unique identifier for your firm.

    If you are a new participant, it takes 3-5 days to create your dashboard, depending on the number of new participants we have.


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